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Natural chalk from Russia

Do you want to eat chalk? Now you can buy natural chalk of the largest environmentally friendly fields from Russia.
This chalk does not pass any additional processing after extraction at the quarry (except cutting). Natural features of the region, landscape, soil composition all affect the chalk and makes it different from another.

Chalk moderately hard, after chewable melts in your mouth. Has а legendary classic soft chalky taste.

This natural chalk anything not covered, not processed and does not mix with anything. Produced in the Belgorod region of Russia.
Slices of chalk are delivered in the package by the post of Russia.

Lump chalk "Caprice"

Сhalk is quite solid with a pleasant aftertaste. It has a light grain. He bite off with a slight crunch, different sand structure.


Mini box costs $5 (300 gr)

Midl box costs $9 (600 gr)


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